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University of Bath Group Business and Design Project completes

Creating a rig for testing energy harvesting performance in tyres, Spring 2023.

In the spring of 2023 Silent Sensors sponsored a Group Business & Design Project at the University of Bath. The project was to design and prototype a test rig for energy harvesting in tyres.

We are very proud of the team – Thomas Freestone, Jasper Kettle, Archie Hall, Jackson Mountford and Georgi Andreev– for their hard work to create a variety of designs and then follow through with the necessary analysis and pull together a prototype. It was also great coordinating with Dr. Hamideh Khanbareh and Dr. Leen Jabban in coaching the team. Their Spring 2023 coursework was primarily this group project, together with individual reports regarding their work within the project.

I am pleased to say the five students all survived working with us on this, and they all certainly passed their semester to go on to their final year for their MSc in Mechanical Engineering. We were delighted to attend the final project presentation at the end of May, where we also met up with Prof. Chris Bowen and discussed other joint projects we have with the University of Bath.

Two of the students, Thomas Freestone and Jasper Kettle, then elected to work with Silent Sensors part-time this summer on our INTENSE grant project, designing the reader housing and working on stress/fracture analysis.