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Three Days in Berlin!

Lubov and Vladimir set up the display stand

For the second year we all headed to Berlin to exhibit Silent Sensors at the IDTechEx Show! in Berlin.  The fair lasts two days, but of course we always need to be there the day before to set up the stand.

Alain, Ashley, Carl and Marcus came in from England, France and Italy, while Liubov and Vladimir flew in from Russia.  We all met up at the Estrel Congress Centre, Germany’s largest hotel and a really big venue for exhibitions.

Marcus sets up the banners

This time we had something special to present: our new project with Comberry, called Silent Energy. This is about providing ultra-low power devices on smart materials.

The new project gave us an opportunity to refresh our image and look too; IDTechEx was the first chance to see what it would look like. We all mixed in to set it up. All those poles supporting banners gave our endeavours a definite sense of camping (childhood memories for most of us), albeit indoors. Just as we finished, Richard turned up with our new big screen iMac.

A few minutes later and the stand is done, all fresh and new.
Alain meets with visitors to the stand

For two days we did what everyone does in a trade fair – present our company and products, shake hands, explain what we up to, do some blue-sky thinking with contacts, welcome back people we met before and greet visitors coming in from far away to meet with us.

Marcus is interviewed by the local media

On the last day Marcus was interviewed by the IDTechEx media service. The journalist/cameraman asked a number of questions, filming all the time.

By the end our throats were dry and our feet were decidedly hot, but we were all happy at it had been a good and successful event. With our Belgian friends and business partners Geoffroi and Julian from ePeas we went out for a celebratory dinner in the heart of Berlin, at the Alte Berlin restaurant on Unter den Llnden.

Although it was late, the evening was still warm, so we all walked down to the famous Brandenburg Gate. The Reichstag beckoned, so we meandered over to see that great building, then back along the Spree to the Pergamon Museum with its treasures from Troy before returning to the hotel. We all agreed Berlin is one of the loveliest cities to live in, and are looking forward to returning soon!

The iconic Brandenburg Gate, maybe more beautiful at night than in daytime.