Sensors are at the heart of performance measurement, monitoring and management systems for physical assets. Effective management can lengthen an asset’s life by up to 30%; whereas bad management can reduce it by the same factor. Couple them with an RFID tag for unique ID and precise location and you get a very powerful asset management tool.

Typical sensing elements are for temperature, pressure, stress, alignment, depth, motion, balance and vibration. One example everyone knows about are tyres (we all use them): you can read more about the value and application of sensors for tyres here. Sensor arrays are powered by long life lithium batteries and by self-powered energy harvesting strips.

Today the ever-cheaper cost of sensing, the explosion of Big Data, the arrival of the Internet of Things and the ubiquity of smartphones means that, more than ever, sensors are the essential foundation for asset management systems. We call it Trace and Sense as a Service.

We work with technology partners to design light, flexible and robust sensors that meet specific needs, that can be fitted to an asset both during and after the manufacturing process, as an inlay, a patch and a label to integrate within your current architecture.

We use cutting edge additive printing technology to make a new generation of sensors that are specifically designed for rubber and polymer materials. Technologies include Electroless Plating, Photonic Sintering and Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD). With CPI’s Inkjet® Flex we combine several circuit boards into one single printed interconnected circuit. Printed technology reduces copper features down to 125µm on flexible PET film using a continuous roll to roll printing and plating process.

We also work with established third party suppliers to extend and adapt a range of ecosystem products that can be fitted during the assembly process or in the after market and integrate within your systems.

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