Our solutions help companies transform their businesses to match and take advantage of changing market trends and customer preferences. Many companies see self-powered lifecycle management systems as their future differentiator.

Net Gen PassThrough BLE Sensors

The Pass Through Sensor is multi-purpose, as it can work both inside and outside the tyre. Customers can use it straight away, and the next tyre change, move it inside the tyre for more accurate temperature readings. Our first prototype worked well and proved the concept. We are pleased with the design aesthetics and ergonomics. The second version will benefit from a new micro-controller, smaller footprint and significantly reduced power consumption. It will be Bluetooth Smart enabled providing many new features including auto-locating itself on the vehicle using the proximity and mesh network capabilities. Expanded sensor capabilities include temperature, pressure, 6-axis motion sensor, microphone, IC2 interface and power bus.

RFID Drive over Reader

This patent covers the combination of temperature, pressure, and other capacitors, plus an RFID chip and a coil that transmits measured variables as an analogue signal. The patent was originally applied for in December 2011 and which evolved into a PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty between 146 countries) in December 2012. The project is now in a phase to be taken to prototype using the printing technology that we have now perfected with production of NFC and UHF RFID tags.

Smart Inflators

We are working on a joint project with a leading international supplier of air products to enable the accurate inflation of hot tyres by using precise measurements of both ambient and internal tyre air temperature. The two readings will be immediately reconciled. Future versions will compensate for the humidity in the air in the tyre and used by the inflator. This is mitigated if N2 is used instead of air.

Smart Inner Tubes

This is a concept for an inner tube TPMS sensor that could be used to more accurately measure pressure, temperature and power bus.