The KEI Project

Silent Sensors have developed external and internal TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) sensors for managing tyres through constant monitoring of pressure and temperature. Silent Sensors have also developed RFID (NFC and UHF) tags, which can be fitted to tyres for identification purposes. In addition, they have developed a hub for industrial application to collect data from their sensors and transmit them to the cloud for analytics and improved operational oversight.

Our business partner provides compressed air technology to all stakeholders in transport from aviation to trucks and garage forecourts. Their inflators have digital displays but no short-range (BLE and WIFI) communications. They would like to upgrade their inflators and general product range to include IoT functionality. In addition, they require RFID (NFC and UHF) tags for identification of tyres, pairing with sensors, compressors and their general product range. Key to achieving this is the development of a smartphone app for reading NFC tags, receiving data from TPMS sensors and a cloud application for aggregating the data.

The strategic goal is to change the business model from product sales to a compressed air-as-a-service. The project will run in parallel with the product development project for integration of NFC, BLE into check gauges, inflators and compressor.

Funded by EU ERDF