Silent Sensors and Bragi partner to develop a new dimension of IOT solutions

Smart materials move to the next level by making them sentient, creating materials and products that can learn from and respond to their environment.

Berlin, April 12 2018

Silent Sensors and Bragi announce a new partnership that will move smart materials to the next level by implementing Bragi’s nanoAI materials, create a community of ‘sentient’ materials and products that can learn from and respond to their environment.

Silent Sensors is a leader in location and sensing technology for product made from rubber, polymers and elastomers. Bragi has made its name in the wireless earphone market with their best of breed TheDashPro earcomputer, which already uses BragiOS and nanoAI.

Their shared vision is a universal platform for the next generation of the Industrial Internet of Things, where actionable data is created at the point of use to maximise immediate value. Together the two companies will create a full stack platform of self-powered, self-learning, ‘sentient’ devices.

“We expect nanoAI will be used in a wide variety of fields including medicine, industry, automotive, wearables, agriculture, aerospace and defence.” said Bragi CEO Nikolaj Hviid. “To do this we must work with partners who share this vision and complement our capabilities. Silent Sensors are well placed to provide this with their broad customer base of forward thinking companies.”

Silent Sensors CEO Marcus Taylor added “We share this ambitious vision. Moore’s Law is on our side. MIPs and Power are rapidly converging to a sweet spot where what was science fiction is set to become apple pie in less than a generation. Applying this technology to the edge of the network lets us fully integrate everything from tyres to O-rings into autonomous systems.”

While Bragi’s nanoAI may seem ambitious, Nikolaj Hviid already has a vision of what nanoAI is able to do. At its core, nanoAI incorporates novel agile machine learning techniques and massively compressed neural networks, which means that it can adapt to almost any situation and handle tasks it is given. For example, by embedding nanoAI into the IOT systems Silent Sensors is developing, tyres can become finger-tips on the road – increasing safety and efficiency along with improved business performance and system outcomes.

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