Fully integrated ultra-low power module “Silent Energy” launched at IDTechEx in Berlin

Silent Sensors and Comberry participate in a new project to create a fully integrated solution for low power applications.

Berlin, April 11 2018

Combining the know-how and expertise of two technology leaders, Silent Sensors Ltd of England and Comberry LLC of Russia, Silent Energy is a new, fully integrated high temperature ultra-low power system.

Silent Energy incorporates energy harvesting, energy storage and power management in a single device. It extends the usability of ultra-low power systems for applications that were not previously possible, such as tyres and other products made from rubber and polymers. Modules will be tailored and custom built to meet a client’s specific performance requirements.

“We are very excited about the opportunity to be working with Silent Sensors and look forward to continued development with our partners.” says Dr. Liubov Ebralidze, CEO of Comberry. “At Comberry, we believe our collaboration with Silent Sensors will help advance our mutual goals of developing world class Ultralow Power Solutions across a broad range of industrial applications. We are sure that Silent Energy will become an enabler of smart flexible materials.”

Comberry and Silent Sensors met for the first time in 2017 at the IDTechEx Show! in Berlin. Since then, they have worked closely on the requirements for a supercapacitor that works with energy harvesting for ultra-low power systems. After a series of trials, both companies are confident they can develop a solution by the end of this year that can be integrated into the flexible patch that Silent Sensors has developed for tyres.

Silent Sensors CEO Marcus Taylor said, “Since meeting Comberry last year in Berlin we have been working closely together to address the needs of high temperature applications for the rubber, polymer and elastomer sectors. Our multi-disciplinary team approach is paying dividends.”

Visitors to IDTechEx Berlin can see a demonstator module that the Silent Energy team have developed, working with a range of energy harvesting materials, including triboelectric, piezoelectric and vibrational.

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