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IOT and the Internet of Tyres

IOT or the Internet of Things embeds intelligent functionality in objects with layers of power, communication, computing and sensing.  For UK’s innovative SME, Silent Sensors, the goal is a niche IOT, making a full set of components for the Intelligent Tyre. The Intelligent Tyre takes us beyond the physical use of a tyre, to its careful management, from making it to recycling it. And in the future, the Intelligent Tyre will become the finger-tips of the Autonomous Vehicle. 

The Intelligent Tyre is traceable, with a complete history stored in the Cloud. Sensors measure pressure, temperature, tread depth, road condition, axle load and wheel alignment. When we combine passive RFID tracking with active Bluetooth sensing, we create a high value system that maximises performance, safety and end-of-life value. 

What makes the Intelligent Tyre work is Energy Harvesting. New materials can harvest energy from a tyre, to power sensors, radios and micro-controllers embedded in the tyre itself, for its lifetime. CPI and Silent Sensors have solved how to make tags and sensors using advanced, additive printing technologies, and novel materials. Silent Sensors will make IOT components using a roll-to-roll process pioneered by CPI. Tyre makers can then incorporate them into their own manufacturing, lowering the costs of installation, use and maintenance. This way we will help make the Intelligent Tyre, for motorbikes all the way up to mining trucks.  

By engaging with CPI, Silent Sensors can bring the IOT component of this new product to market, with benefits for all stakeholders.

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