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Future of SensorTech, Berlin

Sharon Boyes Schiller spoke at the first annual Future of SensorTech Summit on 5th December at the Mercure MOA in Berlin, Germany, organised by Luxatia International. The summit looked at the latest technological advancements in real-world applications of smart sensors, sensory integration, wearable devices, industrial monitoring, as well as biometric, optical, imaging and gas sensors.

Sharon spoke on “Thin and Flexible Peel and Stick Sensors for IOT 2.0 — Intelligent Tyres and the Physical Internet”. Her main-points were:

• The opportunities are immense if the challenges of power, adhesion and cost can be resolved 

• Power for IOT is a major barrier to mass adoption and deployment; every option has its challenges with either cost, durability, disposal or power sufficiency

• Adhesives are another challenge in many harsh environments such as the tyre; G-forces, heat, cold, substrates and manufacturing methods all add challenges

Sharon also gave short presentation of the ultrathin RFID tags SSL is developing with IntellectUK and EU Horizon 2020 grants and approach to resolving the challenges: Intelligent Tyres with Piezo Electric Materials providing energy for IoT 2.0, and Tyre Identification for Life Cycle Management.

Sharon enjoyed meeting the other participants in the conference and engaging in discussions on the latest trends in sensory technologies.   Speaking of trendy, Berlin is a fantastic city as well, Sharon lived in West Berlin in the 1980’s – the changes post-reunification have created a whole new vibe in Berlin.