Who we are


Sharon Boyes-Schiller


I want to see a better world than the one we are in right now. If anything has brought this home to me, the current pandemic has.

One thing the CoronaVirus lockdowns have clearly told us all is that keeping air pollution down and using clean energy effectively and efficiently is vitally essential for a safer, cleaner, greener and healthier world. A better world.

That’s what gets me up in the morning.

Sharon has a rich background in software development, deployment and operations in the technology, logistics and healthcare sectors. With more than thirty years leading IT and business change in the private and public sector in key roles for both corporate and SME businesses in the US and Europe, since 2004 she has been the owner of a consulting business specialising in SME turnaround, process-driven strategic and operational change, technology planning and deployment and M&A assessments for PE businesses in healthcare and technology.

Sharon has an MA in International Management from the University of Phoenix and a BA in Modern Europe from the University of Illinois. She grew up in the USA and has lived in Germany, England, the Netherlands and Czechia. Her passion is her nine dachshunds, which means all of them are often on the road heading to a competition!


Ashley Duddle


As an engineer, I enjoy seeing well engineered products and solutions and, if they are mine, all the better. 

What always amazes me is how what was once the dreams of science fiction become the accepted and normal of today. 

Where would we be without the Nerds?

Ashley is an experienced and accomplished engineer with extensive experience in a wide ranging areas of electronics and systems engineering, covering complex systems and product design, together with their implementation, manufacture and deployment. He has run and helped develop numerous projects and businesses and products for both large organisations and small start-up companies.

Ashley is a Chartered Engineer, a Member of the IET and has a degree in electronic engineering science from the University of Wales, he has been named on many patents. When he is not working, property refurbishment takes up most of his spare time.

Zois S

Zois Michail Tsikriteas

Lead R&D Engineering

Zois joins us from the Mechanical Engineering Department of the University of Bath, where he is completing his PhD .

He brings expertise in materials and mechanical engineering to the team, complementing our software and electronics skills.

Zois graduated from the Materials Science Department at the University of Patras, Greece, in 2017.  Following his Bachelor of Science degree, he continued his education at the same university, earning a Master’s degree in Polymer Science and Technology.
Carl 20231229 S

Carla Ottersen

Marketing, Partners and Channels

I’m working on getting the message and product out to organizations around the world.

Intelligent tyres and autonomous vehicles are all far in future. What’s in the present is the need for all transport and logistics companies to reduce their operating costs and get control over their assets. Especially for operations in Africa, Asia and Latin America, where road conditions are very challenging and where rail is almost non-existent, yet where mobile telecoms can help them leap forward.

That’s what inspires me to be engaged on this.

Carla’s 30+ year career has seen her set up, lead and run service operations as regional director and head of operations in different industries in many countries around the world. She has managed direct operations, multi-tier distribution systems and strategic agency partnerships.

Carla has been involved at senior management level in three IPOs and has personally helped raise over $12 million in funding for ventures in commercial property development, film distribution, fashion accessories, business software and technology.