About Us

Silent Sensors is an innovative, Internet of Things company.

We embed smart electronics into rubber, polymers and elastomers. They generate data from mobile assets to improve overall performance, reduce costs, and extend lifetime value.

Smarter • Safer • Greener

What we do today

We create exciting opportunities for the management of physical assets through their lifetime that increases performance and reduces the total cost of operations.

We design, manufacture and supply products and services made of and from RFID tags, sensors, energy harvesting and data delivery through the Cloud to in-field Apps.

We also help companies design, develop and create solutions that meet specific needs for their industry or product offering.

We provide packages ready made with our own and bought in components that meet specific application needs. This can include Cloud-based data management, or simply be an open API for integration with existing systems.

For our clients, and their end customers, all this means fast and effective results that save time, effort and money.

For companies that want, our solutions can help them match and take advantage of changing market trends and customer preferences.

Where we are going

The future delivers two clear benefits:

  • Effective use of technology improves an asset’s performance, extends an asset’s useable lifetime and increases its end-of-life value
  • Data generated by tags and sensors throughout the asset’s lifetime have immediate and future value

Many companies see self-powered asset lifecycle management systems as a future differentiator in their offering.

Not only does it make their, and their end customers, businesses more productive, it lets manufacturers and suppliers move from being simple sellers of units to become essential providers of a service, a service which comes with a long tail of revenue from locked-in customers.

We plan to lead the way in delivering a product and service that hits all these points and adds real value to the message and offering that a supplier brings to market.

We know that flexible, scalable, low cost manufacturing processes are key to achieving this goal, which is why we continue to invest in identifying, designing, creating developing and leveraging new technologies.

Why we are special

We do our own R&D, which leads to cutting edge innovation we hold the rights to and can use when developing products, services and engineering solutions.

We leverage technologies that are immediately or soon to be available, which lets us package and provide extended and additional functionality rarely offered by competitors.

Our internal expertise and IPs, especially in printed electronics, delivers high volume, low cost, flexible run manufacturing processes, lets us price our products competitively and still protect our margins.

We access breaking edge technology through our partnerships with key industry players, associations and academia.

Our holistic, systemic vision of asset lifetime management, which is a classic example of the Circular Economy.

We enjoy lower unit cost for legacy components thanks to partner agreements, which are bundled into packaged solutions that include our own proprietary product technologies and services.

Our pricing model, which can be unit sale and/or delivered as a service, matches market drivers and evolving consumer preferences.

How we provide value

For manufacturers we offer higher quality, greater functionality and lower costs of production for a key component in creating and delivering products and services the market now seeks.

For both manufacturers and suppliers our products add real value to the message and offering made to end customers without over- pricing it. We even match our pricing policy to the end customer pricing policy.

For end customers, whether companies or consumers, the real value is in the data our tags and sensors generate: data that helps them reduce risk of loss, damage or accident; improve performance, extend asset life; reduce operating costs, maintenance and repair; and recover end-of-life value.

For society as a whole, we help manufacturers reduce their imprint in using raw materials, we help suppliers provide products with a lower carbon footprint, and we help customers use less energy, effort and money to achieve their goals.