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Rubber • Polymers • Elastomers
Making Materials Smart

We are an innovative provider of smart electronics for rubber, polymer and elastomer based materials, creating exciting opportunities for lifecycle management of physical assets that both increases performance and reduces total cost of operations.

We provide products and services using RFID tags, sensors, energy harvesting and data delivery through the Cloud to in-field Apps for fast and effective use to save time, effort and money.

Our solutions help companies transform their businesses to match and take advantage of changing market trends and customer preferences. Many companies see self-powered lifecycle management systems as their future differentiator.

We are part of that future. Join us.

How can we help you?

January 27th at Microsoft IoT in Action

This event is sponsored by Microsoft to explore the latest IoT trends, end-to-end security and best practices for deploying connected devices.  See firsthand how you can fast-track IoT business value by leveraging repeatable IoT solutions across industries.

We will be at the event talking about our H2020 Ontrack project which is creating small, flexible and ultrathin RFID tags for tyre lifecycle management. If you are interested, sign-up for a Matchmaking Meeting with us!

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Our Technology


We use cutting edge additive printing technology to make a new generation of RFID tags. Light, flexible and robust, these tags can be fitted to physical assets made of rubber and polymers both in and after the manufacturing process.


We work with expert partners to design and manufacture function-specific sensors that measure and monitor performance, and integrate with systems architectures. Our sensors can be fitted both in and after the manufacturing process.

Energy Harvesting

We are actively working on one of the most import issues of the day: generate energy so that tags and sensors can work ‘forever’. By eliminating the need to change batteries, tags and sensors can be built into physical assets without the cost of future maintenance.

Cloud and App

Telematics neutral with open APIs, data generated by tags and sensors is outputted directly to ERPs and other Cloud based systems. Dashboards and Apps for monitoring and managing lifecycle performance can be customised as needed.

Tyre Lifecycle Management

For tyre manufacturers and resellers, fleet operators and managers, retreaders and remoulders.

A very cost effective way to monitor and manage a tyre throughout its life. Improves supplier efficiencies and operational performance; reduces risk of damage, loss and accidents; eliminates errors in recording data; keeps inventories balanced and properly valued.

Installed as in inlay during hot cure manufacturing process or as a patch for the After Market.


Unique identity which serves as a Certificate of Provenance to track and trace its physical location from manufacture to distribution, warehousing, usage, repair, retread and recycle at the end of its usable life.

• Frequency 433 Mhz UHF

• Range up to 3 metres

• Read by Hub, Smartphone App and Reader


• Temperature reading accurate to ± 2°C
• Pressure measurement range • 0 to 92 psi
• Pressure reading accurate to ±1psi under normal pressure
• Operating temperature from -40° to +85°C
• Operates in up to 95% humidity

Data in the Cloud

Unique Tag ID registered in the Cloud at date of manufacture and associated with tyre at moment of installation.

Reports data in real time to driver via a gauge, pictogram display, low-pressure warning light and smartphone App.

Telematics neutral with open APIs to integrate with the vehicle’s existing sensing systems and outputted directly to Cloud based Management Dashboards, ERPs and other systems.

Upcoming Events

One of the best ways we can be known and get to meet people, companies and organisations is to exhibit and attend trade and technology events. We have been lucky to meet and engage with people who have become technology partners, suppliers and investors.