Silent® TPMS Internal Sensor 433 H 

 Weight 38g (including valve stem

 Weight 38g (including valve stem

The Silent® TPMS Internal Sensor 433 H is designed as a warning system to alert the driver of heavy commercial vehicles, including agricultural and construction equipment when a tyre is under or over inflated. The unit is a pressure transducer installed in the back of the valve stem and banded to the wheel. It transmits tyre pressure and temperature every 60 seconds to the driver of the vehicle via a smart phone APP. This product complies with CE, FCC and NCC certificates and comes with a two year warranty.

Key Features

  • Frequency 433 MHz
  • Pressure measurement range 0 to 150 psi
  • Pressure reading accurate to ±1 psi under normal pressure
  • Temperature reading accurate to ± 4°C
  • Battery life 2 to 3 years

Product Code

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  • Working temperature  -40°C to +85°C
  • Operates in up to 95% humidity
  • 2 axis motion sensor
  • RF Power • 4dBm max
  • Battery • CR2450N 550mAhr

Technical Specifications

  • Processor • 32-bitARM Cortex M0 MCU
  • Memory • 64kb
  • Latency • < 6ms
  • Sleep • <15uA
  • Battery average current consumption 11.022uA