Integrated Ecosystem

Silent Sensors products and solutions are telematics neutral, open to integrate with the vehicle's existing sensing systems. With open APIs the data generated by our RFID readers and sensors can be outputted directly to your own Fleet Management Systems and your ERP.

Strong R&D

Four patents protecting 67% of the world market
  •  Passive TPMS (Industry Specific)
  •  Passive RFID Sensor (Industry Generic)
  •  Temperature Fuse (pending)
  •  Smart Inflator (pending)

License for Proprietary Printing Technology

License for Positioning Technology Omnisense

Developing solutions for

Tread Depth
Wheel Alignment
Yard Management
Vehicle Ecosystems
Printable and Curable RFID Tags
Energy Harvesting



R&D for Printed Technology

Silent Sensors has developed additive printable technology for the manufacture of tags and circuits for sensors on materials compatible with tyres. The technologies we use include:

  • Electroless Plating, e.g. auto-catalytic chemical reaction to deposit copper onto substrates
  • Photonic Sintering, i.e. the metallic fusion onto thin films using high energy millisecond pulses of light
  • Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD), where precursors react with the surface to build up layers one atom thick

With Inkjet® Flex we can combine several circuit boards into one single printed interconnected circuit. Printed technology reduces copper features down to 125µm on flexible PET film using a continuous roll to roll printing and plating process.