Strong R&D

Four patents protecting 67% of the world market

  • Passive TPMS (Industry Specific)
  • Passive RFID Sensor (Industry Generic)
  • Temperature Fuse (pending)
  • Smart Inflator (pending)
  • License for Proprietary Printing Technology

License for Positioning Technology Omnisense

Developing solutions for

  • Tread Depth
  • Wheel Alignment
  • Yard Management
  • Vehicle Ecosystems
  • Printable and Curable RFID Tags
  • Energy Harvesting

R&D for Printed Technology

Silent Sensors has developed additive printable technology for the manufacture of tags and circuits for sensors on materials compatible with tyres. The technologies we use include:

  • Electroless Plating, e.g. auto-catalytic chemical reaction to deposit copper onto substrates
  • Photonic Sintering, i.e. the metallic fusion onto thin films using high energy millisecond pulses of light
  • Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD), where precursors react with the surface to build up layers one atom thick

With Inkjet® Flex we can combine several circuit boards into one single printed interconnected circuit. Printed technology reduces copper features down to 125µm on flexible PET film using a continuous roll to roll printing and plating process.