STMS - EU H2020 SME Instrument Phase 1

Type: EU H2020 SME Instrument Phase 1 Start date of the project: 1 July 2016
Duration of the project: 6 Months
Value: €70,000
Partners: Silent Sensors Ltd

Smart Tyre Management System for Safer, Greener and More Economic Transport through Innovative Technology for Smart Infrastructure from Silent Sensors Limited.


OnTrack - EU H2020 SME Instrument Phase 2

Type: EU H2020 SME Instrument Phase 2
Start date of the project: 16 October 2017
Duration of the project: 24 Months
Value: €2,200,000
Partners: Silent Sensors Ltd

OnTrack is a new generation of RFID (UHF/NFC) tags offering tyre traceability, based on unique flexible printed electronic solutions that are specifically designed to be integrated into the tyre rubber during the moulding and vulcanisation process using materials compatible with tyres and their manufacturing process. We use cutting edge additive printing technology to make light, flexible and robust tags can be installed in tyres.


Tyreless - InnovateUK Catalyst 3

Type: InnovateUK Catalyst 3
Start date of the project: 1 July 2016
Duration of the project: 12 Months
Value: £350,000
Partners: Silent Sensors, CPI and University of Bath

The purpose of the project is to develop an autonomous & integrated sensor system for Tyre Pressure and Management System (TPMS). Development includes; a) printed kinetic harvesting element (based on piezoelectric materials), b) power management and sensing devices that enable real-time monitoring of individual tyre performance within a truck to reduce fuel costs and enhance truck safety. The novel active harvesting elements will be co-developed by Bath University and CPI (the HVM Manufacturing Catapult). This early stage prototype consists of an EH/S element alongside a pressure sensing MCU and RfID circuit capable of relaying data remotely without connection to the tyre. The practical work includes fabrication and testing to understand the power that can be harvested, the operating temperature window and the lifetime of the EH/S transducer.


Vibrational Energy Harvester – EU GateOneProject

Type: EU GateOneProject
Start date: 1 April 2017
Duration: 10 months
Value: €70,000
Partners: Airbase Ltd, Silent Sensors Ltd and Tyndall Institute

Development of a self-powered aircraft container tracking system using vibrational Energy Harvesters (linear) for highest output power as per the identified suitable region and application scenario. These energy harvesters will be optimised for use with Silent Sensors sensor, radio and microcontroller including power rectification.



Start date of the project: 1 July 2016
Duration of the project: 6 Months
Partners: Silent Sensors, PCL and Teeside University

Silent Sensors have developed external and internal TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) sensors for managing tyres through constant monitoring of pressure and temperature. Silent Sensors have also developed RFID (NFC and UHF) tags, which can be fitted to tyres for identification purposes. In addition, they have developed a hub for industrial application to collect data from their sensors and transmit them to the cloud for analytics and improved operational oversight.

PCL provide compressed air technology to all stakeholders in transport from aviation to trucks and garage forecourts. Their inflators have digital displays but no short-range (BLE and WIFI) communications. PCL would like to upgrade their inflators and general product range to include IoT functionality. In addition, they require RFID (NFC and UHF) tags for identification of tyres, pairing with sensors, compressors and their general product range. Key to achieving this is the development of a smartphone app for reading NFC tags, receiving data from TPMS sensors and a cloud application for aggregating the data. The strategic goal is to change the business model from product sales to a compressed air-as-a-service. The project will run in parallel with the product development project for integration of NFC, BLE into check gauges, inflators and compressor.


Silent Energy

Type: JV between Silent Sensors and Comberry LLC
Start date of the project: 1 October
Duration of the project: Indefinite

Objective: Development and manufacture of energy systems for IOT using thin-film solid-state supercapacitors with:
1. High capacity solid-state lithium-ion 8-10 Wh/kg.
2. Has high power density between 3.1 to 3.3 V
3. 95% of capacity comes to flat discharge curve and is in “comfortable” range between 2.5-1.6V
4. Pulsed power reaches 50 MW/cm2.
5. Thickness of the device ranges from 0,8 to 1,2 μm. This is 4-5 times thinner than the “classical” thin-film lithium-ion battery.
6. Working temperature range -50...+200С.
7. High charge rate (up to 95% during 30 seconds).
8. The devices do not contain hazardous elements. They are fire resistant, as they do not contain flammable substances in contrast to conventional lithium-ion batteries and liquid supercapacitors. 
9. Due to the nature of technology, they are not sensitive to high charge potentials, so “short circuit” can be caused and even the reversed polarity can be applied. They continue working even in case of partial destruction of the device. 
10. Pseudo thin-film battery properties in the part of specific capacity and supercapacitor properties in the part of power density.