Silent® Truck Dongle 

The Silent® TPMS Truck Dongle is designed to transmit data received from tyre pressure and temperature sensors and deliver status and alarms to the driver's smartphone App. The Silent TPMS Truck Dongle manages 16 different TPMS data points, transmitted simultaneously and in real time. This product complies with CE, FCC and NCC certificates and comes with a two year warranty.

Key Features

  • Frequency: 2.4GHz (BLE)
  • Get more tyre information from mobile device
  • Portable or put it in the car
  • Power provided by USB
  • 2 LEDs indicate tyre status
  • 1 multi-function button
  • Alarm with LED blink or buzzer

Product Code

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  • Capacity • 16 BLE TPMS
  • TPMS sensors connect to Receiver and Mobile device separately
  • Operating temperature • -20 ~ 85°C
  • Operates in up to 95% humidity

Technical Specifications

  • Processor • 32-bitARM Cortex M0 MCU
  • Memory • 64kb
  • BT4.0 Compatible
  • High receive sensitivity