Silent® Mesh 

The Silent® Mesh is a set of IoT solutions based on Bluetooth mesh and BLE beacon technology. Supporting multiple communications and sensor options, including Bluetooth as standard, Silent Mesh is ideally placed to support a range of asset and sensor monitoring applications.

Key Features

  • Connects and transports data from a range of sensors: vehicle ID, tyre pressures, parking occupancy etc.
  • Support for BLE or other open standards and proprietary protocols, including Qualcomm CSR Mesh high performance BLE devices.
  • Connects to the Silent Sensors’, “Silent Cloud” to provide highly scalable and secure, Microsoft Azure based, data processing and storage, plus 3rd party connectivity via Open APIs, all based on IoT industry standards.
  • App support
  • Optional build options supporting a range of communications and monitoring devices and functions, including third party sensor systems.
  • Support “Over the-air” software updates and diagnostics
  • Simple, self-configuring installation
  • Multiple Power Modes to minimise power consumption and “Heartbeat” functions during power-down
  • Simple, modular, construction with a single main printed circuit board mounted inside a compact, rugged enclosure

Product Code

Used in these solutions:

Build Options

  • Magnetometer for detecting vehicle presence etc.
  • Temperature
  • Connection to external input and output devices
  • Internal or external antenna
  • Power from Internal long-life battery, external power or energy harvesting

Installation and Configuration

  • Simple unobtrusive installation.
  • Mesh unit is small and can be mounted in any convenient location on site or on vehicle.
  • Self configuring - no user calibration required.



  • Resilient data transmission via any available path across mesh.
  • Range between nodes up to 50m.