Silent® Hub Transport 

The Silent® Hub Transport is a high performance, IoT focused, vehicle unit. Silent® Hub Transport is ideally placed to support a range of customer needs, from vehicle sensor monitoring to vehicle tracking and vehicle security. Silent® Hub Transport can deliver a wide range of telematics based services. In addition it supports multiple communications and sensor options, including Bluetooth as standard.

Key Features

  • Connects and transports data from a range of vehicle mounted sensors: tyre ID, tyre pressures, oil filler use, fuel filler use.
  • Support for BLE or other open standards and proprietary protocols, including CSR Mesh.
  • Designed for the van, truck and trailer market and operating from a nominal +12V or 24V vehicle supply, or internal battery.
  • High performance processing module with integrated Bluetooth and expansion option, providing a flexible and configurable software platform
  • Connects to the Silent Sensors’ “Silent® Cloud” to provide highly scalable and secure, Azure based, data processing and storage, plus 3rd party connectivity via Open APIs. All based on IoT industry standards.
  • App support
  • Optional build options supporting a range of communications and monitoring devices and functions, including third party telematics and sensor systems
  • Supports “over the-air” software updates and diagnostics
  • Simple, self-configuring installation
  • Multiple Power Modes to minimise power consumption and “Heartbeat” functions during power-down
  • Simple, modular, construction with a single main printed circuit board mounted inside a compact, rugged enclosure

Product Code

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Build Options

  • CAN / J1939 HGV Interface
  • In-Cab, TPMS Warning Display
  • LIN Bus
  • USB
  • RS232 Interface
  • 433MHz (TPMS) receiver
  • NFC or RFID (UHF) Reader
  • WiFi
  • Tracking Option - Internal Quad-band, GSM/GPRS modem, with TCP/IP-UPD support plus a high sensitivity (SIRF IV) GPS receiver, with active antenna
  • TCP/IP-UDP, HTTP(S), AMQP or MQTT protocols

Installation and Configuration

  • Simple unobtrusive installation
  • The unit is small and can be mounted in any convenient location within the vehicle
  • Simple 3-wire, or self-contained battery installation
  • Self configuring - no user calibration required