IOT or how to digest massive amounts of information

Useful compare and contrast of the Amazon and Microsoft IOT offerings which also helps understand the building blocks required to ingest, store, process, visualise and manage systems. I like the differentiation between hot and cold data streams for realtime and future analysis. The Microsoft IOT Hub and the AWS IOT take different approaches to achieve the same ends but what is refreshing is the lack of prescriptive adherence to proprietary protocols allowing the use of the right protocol for the right job whether it be MQTT, AMQP or HTTP/REST. Worth a read to give yourself some clarity on what choices you can make between these two heavy weights.

Concert Tickets are Out, Concert RFID tags are in

Tickets will soon be a thing of the past with the increasing popularity of RFID tags and with Eventbrite acquiring Scintilla to have its own capability it will be interesting to track the change of events from the small to the very large. I suspect the ticket touts will be the first to cry foul when a ticket is linked to a specific identity making it difficult to falsify as well as put crazy mark ups. Other spin off benefits will be the ability to track and trace how people use the facilities on offer like merchandise or conveniences.